“Rare Earth Alley” Makes Debut in Vancouver

Posted by admin at 3:23 PM on Jun 20, 2008


By Clint Cox

The World Resource Conference was held in Vancouver on June 15-16. Cambridge House International put on another great show, with a well-attended show. People commented that it may have been a little smaller than past shows, but there was good attendance on Monday (the second day of the show). There was a pretty good “Potash! Get some potash!” buzz in the hallways, but I tried to stay focussed on what was happening in the REE business. New during this conference was the very prominent presence of a Toyota Prius hybrid sitting between two Rare Earth companies (Great Western Minerals and Avalon Ventures):


The great thing about the visual aid was the posters listing how the REEs were used throughout the vehicle. It will be interesting to see if this type of display can help the investing public understand how REEs will affect us all moving forward.

Even if the investing public has not yet caught on — many junior exploration companies have decided that REEs are a hot topic and worth pursuing. There are an increasing number of companies taking a closer look at their projects for Rare Earths, and many are now assaying for the REEs. Undoubtedly, some interesting projects will come out of this, and we look forward to looking at new data as it becomes available!

Next week we will have a person on the ground at the 25th Rare Earth Research Conference in Alabama.